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Prof Laxmidhara Behera

Director Intelligent Systems and Control, Cognitive Robotic... View Profile

Dr Satinder Kumar Sharma

Professor VLSI Technology, Synthesis and characterization of... View Profile

Dr Timothy A Gonsalves

Professor Applied Research In Distributed Applications, Qual... View Profile

Dr Rajan Kapur

Adjunct Professor Renewable Energy, Industrial Electronics, Head Mou... View Profile

Dr Yvonne Dittrich

Adjunct Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Tushar Jain

Associate Professor Control theory, fault tolerant control, industrial... View Profile

Dr Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury

Associate Professor Biomedical Embedded Systems, Non invasive diagnost... View Profile

Dr Narsa Reddy Tummuru

Associate Professor Hybrid Energy Storage Applications in Future Micro... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Thakor

Associate Professor Communication Theory, Information Theory, Network ... View Profile

Dr Hitesh Shrimali

Associate Professor Design and testing of radiation hard circuits, Ana... View Profile

Dr Srikant Srinivasan

Associate Professor Big-Data acquisition and analysis, Nanoelectronics... View Profile

Dr Rahul Shrestha

Associate Professor VLSI Design and Circuits and Systems for Signal Pr... View Profile

Dr Aditya Nigam

Associate Professor Biometrics, Computer Vision, Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Varun Dutt

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interactio... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Sao

Associate Professor Medical Image Processing, Speech processing, Micro... View Profile

Dr Arnav Bhavsar Vinayak

Associate Professor Computer vision, Medical image analysis, Machine l... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Halder

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) NA... View Profile

Dr Robin Khosla

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Nanoelectronics, Micro/Nanofabrication, Semiconduc... View Profile

Dr Naga Brahmendra Yadav Gorla

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Electronmagnetic Interference and Reliability Issu... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Singh

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Jinesh Machchhar

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Narendra Kumar Dhar

Assistant Professor Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent and... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Misra

Assistant Professor Electrical Machine and Drives, Electric Transporta... View Profile

Dr Pratim Kundu

Assistant Professor Development of techniques for enhancing the reliab... View Profile

Dr Srikanth Sugavanam

Assistant Professor h... View Profile

Dr Varunkumar Jayapaul

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Rohit Saluja

Assistant Professor I work in the field of Large Language Models, Opti... View Profile

Dr Venkata Ratnam Vakacharla

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Swapnil Bhuktare

Assistant Professor Nanoelectronics, Spintronics... View Profile

Dr Dr Ramajayam G

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Radhe Shyam Sharma

Assistant Professor Robot Learning, Visual Servoing, Autonomous naviga... View Profile

Dr Parimala Kancharla

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Video Quality A... View Profile

Dr Priyatosh Mahish

Assistant Professor Power Systems... View Profile

Dr Anirban Sarkar

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Ankush Bag

Assistant Professor High Speed and Power Semiconductor Devices, III-Ni... View Profile

Dr Srinivasu Bodapati

Assistant Professor VLSI Design, Nanoelctronics, Hardware security, Cr... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha Sarma

Assistant Professor Resource allocation in Wireless Networks, Wireless... View Profile

Dr Sriram Kailasam

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing... View Profile

Dr Kunal Ghosh

Assistant Professor Silicon solar cells, Performance and reliability a... View Profile

Dr Samar

Assistant Professor Information Theory, Wireless Communications... View Profile

Dr Adarsh Patel

Assistant Professor Statistical Signal Processing, Wireless Communicat... View Profile

Dr G Shrikanth Reddy

Assistant Professor Antenna and Wave propagation, Microwave passive co... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Singha

Assistant Professor GaN-based power electronic converters, digital con... View Profile

Dr Sreelakshmi Manjunath

Assistant Professor Communication Networks, Vehicular Networks, Contro... View Profile

Dr Moumita Das

Assistant Professor Electric Vehicles: Power Converters and Control, S... View Profile

Dr Padmanabhan Rajan

Assistant Professor Speech processing, speaker recognition... View Profile

Dr Manas Thakur

Assistant Professor Program analysis, compilers, programming languages... View Profile

Dr B D Chaudhary

Emeritus Professor Software Technology... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Oruganti

Emeritus Professor Power electronic applications in renewable electri... View Profile

Dr Ravindra Arora

Visiting Professor High Voltage... View Profile

Dr Astrid Kiehn

Visiting Faculty Distributed Algorithms, Concurrency Theory, Formal... View Profile

Dr Ken Gonsalves

Visiting Professor Materials Synthesis... View Profile