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Prof Rahul Vaish

Professor Glasses for Electrical Applications Solid State Re... View Profile

Prof Shripad P Mahulikar

Professor Aerothermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, ... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar

Professor Machine Design, Solid Mechanics, Vibration, Smart ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Ghosh

Associate Professor Solid Mechanics, Biomechanics... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Pathak

Associate Professor Computational Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics,... View Profile

Dr Mrityunjay Doddamani

Associate Professor Additive Manufacturing, Syntactic Foams, Mechanica... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar

Associate Professor Thermal Radiation, Modeling of Non-Gray Radiation ... View Profile

Dr Satvasheel Powar

Associate Professor Energy, Solar Energy, Process development, Perovsk... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Talha

Associate Professor Computational Solid Mechanics, High Technology Mat... View Profile

Dr Vishal S Chauhan

Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Atul Dhar

Associate Professor Alternative Fuels, IC Engines, Emissions Control... View Profile

Dr Jaspreet Kaur Randhawa

Associate Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Viswanath Balakrishnan

Associate Professor Materials Engineering; Nanomanufacturing; Nanomech... View Profile

Dr Arpan Gupta

Associate Professor Acoustics, Vibration, Bio-mechanics... View Profile

Dr Gajendra Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Energy: Spray Atomization & Combustion, Biofuels, ... View Profile

Dr Ranbir Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Smart Materials and Devices for Energy Harvesting... View Profile

Dr Dube Dheeraj Prakashchand

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) NA... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Kadiyam

Assistant Professor Marine robotics, Bioinspired robots, Ocean observa... View Profile

Dr Prateek Saxena

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sachan

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Amit Shukla

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Bukke Ravindra Naik

Assistant Professor NA... View Profile

Dr Swati Sharma

Assistant Professor Carbon materials and devices, carbon-based composi... View Profile

Dr Sarthak Nag

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering, Experimental Nanofluidics, Li... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Bhutani

Assistant Professor Fluid and thermal sciences... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science... View Profile

Dr P Anil Kishan

Assistant Professor Thermal Science... View Profile

Dr Rik Rani Koner

Assistant Professor Hybrid Materials... View Profile

Dr Sunny Zafar

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Engineering... View Profile

Dr Parmod Kumar

Assistant Professor Thermo-fluids... View Profile

Prof S.C. Jain

Emeritus Professor NA... View Profile